2016 starts off on a good note. While I still wait to hear back from my agent on Mother of Pearl, that hasn't stopped me from starting up book two in the series: 'All The Devils Are Here'. The title comes from Shakespeare's The Tempest. The full quote is:

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

It's a fair assessment of book 2. Some old devils, and a lot of new ones get thrown in the mixer. It's a rogue's gallery of mercenaries, ex-cops, eco-terrorists, crooked feds, oil barons and femme fatales of every stripe. I'm happy to say I'm 20 pages in and already new characters have appeared, including one who simply walked into the middle of a scene I was constructing and sat down, unconcerned with the delicate plot point I had laid out. Like all writers, I love it when that happens. There is nothing more authentic than a character who doesn't give a tinker's dam about your story.

Here's hoping you started off your New Years writing. If not, get going! A happy and prolific year awaits.