Look, it happens to everybody. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes, no matter what you do, the ideas don't come. More frustrating, you can feel them all clogged up in that big silo of yours, waiting to come out. But down at the funnel some particular idea or plot point proved to be too big, or came in sideways and jammed the hopper right up, as it were. What you have to do is jam a stick right on up there, shake it around and bust up that clog so ideas can get flowing again. 

  That's a metaphorical stick, by the way, so don't go jamming a pencil up your nose.

   Okay, so how to go about it? There is no one-size-fits-all trick to this, but there are tools to help. I'm going to give you mine. This particular one has not only cleared up writer's block for me, but it's pretty fun too. On top of that, it's given me real plots to work with. 

   What you're going to do in this exercise is write a precis. For those who don't know what that is, it's a synopsis of a book, like a dust jacket blurb, but much smaller. The best examples are usually movie descriptions. Think like this:

Ghostbusters - (Comedy) Three doctors of paranormal psychology invent a ghost catching machine and use it to stop the end of days from happening in downtown Manhattan.   

   Pretty easy and clear, right? Now it's your turn. Take a lyric from a song or a word or crazy phrase you heard someone say and that's your title. It can be a word you heard that you think is funny or interesting. Let me give you an example. I did this with the word chunder. Since I'm a 12 year old boy at heart, this word is inherently funny, and thus interesting. I extrapolated this to a title by adding an element of danger (Escape) and a place (Island). Viola, I now had a title:

Escape from Chunder Island

   Now here comes the fun part: Write a one or two-sentence blurb that describes it. Let your brain go wild creating characters, mapping out the world and very loosely creating the semblance of conflict and resolution. Really enjoy the exercise. I came up with this.

Escape From Chunder Island is a comedy/adventure about a woman learning to trust her strength and resourcefulness when an all-inclusive paradise becomes a fascist dictatorship paid for in beer and ruled by a semi-pro rugby team. 

 What's yours gonna be? Write it down. Then when you're done do two things: Enjoy the moment, and notice your writer's block is gone.