The trip is now a little over a month away. There are many things to do vis-a-vis my house: Transferring the deed solely to me, repairing the back wall, general demolition (there is always demolition). But We are also making sure to see the countryside. I've got a goPro so I'm going to film this time. Our destination is the lovely town of Najac. I have never been, but I've heard only good things about it. I know it was Roman originally. It has been the site of Templar torture, Albigensian crusades, the first English occupation, 100 Years War and even the French revolution. It is dominated by a fortress built by the people themselves in 1253 (in punishment for supporting Cathar heresy). Apparently you can go to the top of the towers and record one of the most spectacular views in all of Europe. I'll be sure to share.


Najac -